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Tip Profiler

for Bassoon or Contra Bassoon

Tip Profiler

for Bassoon or Contra Bassoon

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Easy and Efficient

The tip profiling machine is the most efficient machine
for creating the profile in the front half of the reed.

This machine allows you to precisely produce a symmetrical and playable reed,
using our many available templates.

Built of high-quality anodized aluminum and a special german steel,
the tip profiling machine is built to last for many years.
Linear ball bearings provide a comfortable user experience.

Prepared for Transport

Prepare your tip profiler for transport.

Insert the mandrel into the designated hole on the left side, screw the wooden handle into the threaded hole on the right side, and lock the carriage into place with the transport locking screw on the left side of the machine.

Transport Bag Included

The Reeds 'n Stuff transport case features a simple design that's easy to use.
The foam interior allows for safe transport and provides a snug fit. The tools to adjust the machine can be stored in the zipper compartment on top of the case. The handle provides portability wherever you need it.


Test a Template

You can also test a template for 60 days.

How does the trial work?

Template Chart

1440 g

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