For Industrial Production
For Industrial Production

Individual in tone and efficient at work

Our range for Industrial Reed Making is characterized by precise production, durable components and ease of operation. The modular design of our machines and the intuitive arrangement of the controls operating elements enable a high degree of flexibility for your Reed Making. Even when it comes to individual customer requirements. It is easy to convert from one diameter to another or change the blade size according to requirements. Every single work step on the machine has grown from many years of experience. Not least this is one of the reasons why our industrial range is used all over the world.

Getting Started

In our personalized training session we will teach you everything there is to know about your machine, including how to use, clean, and maintain your new industrial machine.
In a relaxed atmosphere we will give you tips and tricks for daily use and answer all your questions. Take a look at our optimized workflows and get inspired by our innovative solutions.

We invite you to our workshop for a free half-day class to get acquainted with your new industrial reed making machine.