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Profiling Machine

Three things lead to incomparable sound and resonance: our vast assortment of templates, the length of scrape adjustments, and tongues. They allow flexibility; and more than that, perfect reeds.

Accuracy and Adjustment

Our blade is extra hardened and formed into a rounded shape with a diamond grinding stone. This allows the reproduction of even the most detailed reed profiles. When exchanging the knife, the blade adjustment dial indicator makes it incredibly easy to set the perfect blade position.

Shape Accessories

Our vast assortment of templates is the result of the confluence of musical expertise and state-of-the-art technology. We have developed templates for all the instruments of the oboe family and every individual timbre preference.

Each template is manufactured with precision to make it incredibly simple to interchange any one with whichever the moment calls for.

Transport Bag included.

Simple use.

Made for precise results and simple use.

For adepts.

My Reeds ’n Stuff profiler makes the most important tasks easy. Why would you need another profiler when you already have a perfectly proper one?
Why complicate things - when simple is just as good.

Albrecht Mayer
Principal Oboe Berliner Philharmoniker
(Photo by Matt Dine)