Small Exchange Set
for Reeds 'n Stuff Gouging Machine

Small Exchange Set
for Reeds 'n Stuff Gouging Machine

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You want to change the gouging results of your Reeds 'n Stuff gouging machine. In this set there are included a new blade, a new blade holder and a new cane holder as well as the screws. Please choose your requested size and feel free to contact us anytime for further help or comments.

Bigger blade size = thinner sides of the cane

Smaller blade size = thicker side of the cane

A change in blade diameter of 0.1mm will change the thickness at the sides of the gouge by about 0.01mm.

A “change of clothes” for your cane

During the rainy season, reeds often get overly hard and out of control.
And in cold, dry winter air, they can close down excessively.
Changing the thickness of the gouge doesn't help much;
we recommend changing the relationship between the center and the sides.
A small replacement kit for our gouging machines can do just this,
helping you react to changing seasonal and weather conditions.

For the rainy season, we recommend gouging the sides somewhat thinner.
The standard with a REEDS 'N STUFF gouging machine
with a 10.5-mm bed is an 11.41-mm blade unit.
With the small replacement kit, you can exchange it for an 11.6-mm blade unit.

In the winter, we recommend thicker sides relative to the center.
With the small replacement kit, you can switch to an 11.3-mm blade unit
(on a machine with the standard 10.5-mm bed),
effectively converting your gouger to meet seasonal conditions.

You can perform these adjustments yourself in a few easy steps.


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