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Digital Hardness Tester
for Oboe

Digital Hardness Tester
for Oboe

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Quality over Quantity

The characteristics of the cane have a significant influence on the success of our reed making. The appearance of the cane is often deceptive and we quickly learn:

The truth lies beneath the surface.

The hardness tester offers an objective way to judge the quality, not just the quantity of cane. By measuring the hardness of the cane at both ends we are able to discern whether a piece of cane has the same qualities throughout the entire piece. This way we can ensure that the two blades of a reed will vibrate similarly.

Save yourself valuable time and increase the quality of your reed making.
Achieve reliable and repeatable results.

Our hardness testers are available in both analog or digital formats.
The precision of both devices is identical, the only difference lies in the convenience of use.


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