Digital Dial Indicator
for Oboe

Digital Dial Indicator
for Oboe

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Quality and Control

Precision, durability, and reliability characterize Reeds 'n Stuff dial indicators.

Achieve consistently good results by measuring the thickness of your cane.
The markings on the tongue help to determine identical measuring points between reeds, which allows you to check the profile and symmetry of the reeds.

The space-saving mini dial indicator is the ideal choice for precise measuring on the road.

The dial and the lifting lever can be rotated to any desired position.
The dial indicator is therefore suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Our dial indicators are available in both analog or digital formats.
The precision of both devices is the identical, the only difference lies in the convenience of use.

The Tip of Your Choice

Choose among tips S (Standard for bassoon and the mini dial indicator), F, and D to see the point you are measuring from every perspective and to measure exactly at a given point. Choose the ball-pointed tip K for a smooth glide when you pull the cane or reed through, as well as to measure gouged cane.


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