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Versatile and reliable

Versatile in use as it neither becomes resinous nor ages. A reliable companion in machinery and tool manufacture, for corrosion protection, and as a cleaner, contact spray, lubricant and rust remover. Well suited for the maintenance and servicing of machine parts, as well the food industry (non-volatile ingredients are approved as additives according to the German Food and Consumer Goods Act).


  • Prevents fine mechanical wear and prolongs the lifespan of chains, moving parts, and bearings
  • Cleans all machine parts right into the last gap
  • Lubricates all moving machine parts
  • Prevents current leakage on electrical components
  • Loosens rusted and jammed connections
  • Removes tar marks and protects against fingerprints
  • Neutralises leaked battery acid or hand perspiration
  • Cleans resin from planing machines, among other things
  • Rub it into your hands before starting work and you can easily remove oil and dirt

Environmental Compatibility

Biodegradable. Harmless for humans and nature. Plant friendly. Free from animal products.

65 ml
No health concerns in case of accidental ingestion. Inherent odor dissipates. Non-ferrous metals may tarnish, apply sparingly.
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