Industrial Gouging Machine
for Bassoon

Industrial Gouging Machine
for Bassoon

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(Video demonstration of the gouging machine for oboe cane)

Efficient and precise

Process large quantities of cane efficiently and precisely.


The machine will stop itself the moment the lid is opened.

On and off and on

Hidden under the cover on the right side is the transmission. Opening this cover will stop the machine automatically.If you open th

Getting Started

In our personalized training session we will teach you everything there is to know about your machine, including how to use, clean, and maintain your new industrial machine.
In a relaxed atmosphere we will give you tips and tricks for daily use and answer all your questions. Take a look at our optimized workflows and get inspired by our innovative solutions.

We invite you to our workshop for a free half-day class to get acquainted with your new industrial reed making machine.

32 cm
67 cm
35 cm
ca. 32,5 kg
110 or 230 V
Vacuum cleaner is not included in the purchased parts package.

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