Feature March 31, 2022

Dominik Schulz

Dominik Schulz joined us in 2022 to complement the technical and musical customer service here at the company, as well as to guide the development of the bassoon product line. He is now the Head of Product Management here at Reeds 'n Stuff.

Dominik brings with him his international and varied background, having studied both in New York and Frankfurt. He has played on Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera and had contracts with the Frankfurt Opera, the Gewandhaus Orchestra Leipzig, the Comic Opera Leipzig, and others. He has also played with orchestras like the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, gone on tour with bands like Die Prinzen, and has played and recorded chamber music internationally with renowned soloists. Dominik's many arrangements and compositions for everything from solo to marching bands are performed worldwide. Performers and commissioners include the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig, members of the New York Philharmonic, and Andris Nelsons.

Dominik is now embarking on a new path, combining his experience and passion for music with his affinity for craftmanship to help you achieve the best results in your reed making.

What was your first impression of your new workplace?
My plans to interview here in person were originally derailed by the pandemic, so the first time I saw my new workplace was on my first day of actually working here. I was immediately struck by how friendly and heartfelt the colleagues all were. I also felt like a kid in a candy store, walking through the storeroom and seeing shelves of reed making machines, as well as the assorted parts and accessories. I have used Reeds ‘n Stuff machines for many years, so it was exciting to see where they were all conceived of and brought into existence. The first day jitters passed quite quickly as the colleagues immediately absorbed me into the team, and we were tossing ideas around and joking with each other as if we’d known each other for years.

What does your typical working day look like?
There’s no typical day in this job, and that’s what I love about it. Some days are more about internal logistics, or fine-tuning adjustments to machines before they are sent out. Other days we are making personalized videos to help solve customers’ questions. Even other days are spent philosophizing about reeds and products, discussing ideas for prototypes and product innovations. Every day is a new adventure.

What is it like to come to the Erzgebirge from such an international background?
It’s quite nice, actually. Being able to finish the workday and then walk right out into the rolling hills, take a quick hike, and watch the sun set over nothing but trees and grass has its own serene attraction. It’s a calm balance to the bustle of city life and hustle of traveling.

What are you looking forward to most in the near future?
I am excited to get out and meet all the people with whom we have been exchanging emails and calls. All the fairs, exhibitions, reed classes, and visits with customers both here in the company and where they live and work. I’m excited to meet everyone in person, to swap ideas and stories, and share in the successes of our reed making journey.