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Help Center

Welcome to our personalized Video Support Center.

We offer tailored solutions to address your unique needs. Here you can book individual video sessions with our experts for personalized assistance and guidance. Whether you have technical questions, are looking for product recommendations, or require troubleshooting support, our dedicated team is here to provide you with the attention and expertise you deserve.

Simply select a time slot that works for you, and let us help you find the solutions you are looking for, wherever in the world you may find yourself.

Udo Heng

Udo Heng is be available to answer your oboe and clarinet questions.

Languages: English, German

Contact Udo Oboe Support Pages Clarinet Support Pages

Dominik Schulz

Dominik Schulz will be available to answer your bassoon and pipe questions.

Languages: English, German

Book a Personal Appointment Contact Dominik Bassoon Support Pages

Alejandro González

Alejandro González will be available to answer your oboe questions.

Languages: English, Spanish

Book a Personal Appointment Contact Alejandro Oboe Support Pages

All of our video calls are hosted via Zoom, which can be downloaded for free here. By booking an appointment through the links a Zoom link will automatically be created for the selected time slot, and our specialists will be ready for you at the chosen time.

If you would like to contact one of our specialists via another method you can find the relevant contact information on our Contact page.