Table of Contents

General Comments

The hygrometer is a sensitive piece of equipment. Please do not touch it, except to recalibrate the dial, otherwise you risk damaging it. Please do not expose to direct heat or intense sunlight.

As the hygrocase is fairly airtight (we do not want it to be absolutely airtight) it should be opened regularly, at least every few days, for an hour, to allow air to circulate around your reeds. The inside of the case should be cleaned occasionally with a damp cloth. When cleaning the outside, please use an anti-static cloth.

Notice for oboe model: Please do not use oboe reeds with full metal staples. These are often too heavy to ensure a secure hold, especially if several are kept in the case.

Caution: Do not use cleaners containing solvents.

Reading the Hygrometer

Adjusting the Ventilation

Calibrating the Hygrometer

Should the hygrometer require calibration, we recommend the following steps:

Soak a towel in lukewarm water. Remove all the reeds from your hygrocase and wrap the case in the towel. Place this combination on your heater or in direct sunlight and wait for at least an hour.

After about an hour the hygrometer should read 100% humidity. If this is not the case, the hygrometer can be rotated until the dial reads 100%. After this process the hygrometer is calibrated and you can continue using your hygrocase.

Exchanging the Hygrometer

Should your Hygrometer need to be exchanged, this can easily be done as depicted below.