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Figure Machine


General Comments

The purpose of this radius dial indicator is to determine the diameter of your reeds for oboe, oboe d'amore, cor anglais, and baroque oboe precisely and quickly. This allows you to determine the reeds that exactly match the diameter of your Gouging Machine. Suitable for diameters from 7.5 to 17 mm.

A precise pre-selection and determination of the wood diameter is an important prerequisite for repeatable good gouging results.

Using the Radius Dial Indicator

To use the Radius Dial Indicator, simply place the piece of cane you wish to measure in the cane receiver and press down. The dial will show the diameter of the piece of cane you are measuring.

The Radius Dial Indicator can also be used on tube cane to find the ideal part of the cane to use. Press the tube cane against the cane receiver and rotate the tube cane. Once you have found the section of cane with the diameter you desire you can now mark the cane, knowing that the section of cane closest to the dial is the section with the shown diameter.

Calibrating the Radius Dial Indicator