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Figure Machine


Safety Precautions

Read the entire user manual before using this machine. The provided instructions are to be followed while using this machine.

This machine is only to be used by trained persons.

This machine is only to be used by one person at a time!

Workplace safety measures are to be observed, including: wearing sturdy shoes, not wearing clothing that is loose hanging, head covering (i.e. hairnet), and cut-resistant gloves.

This machine is only intended to cut cane. Attempting to process other materials violates the guarantee agreement.

DO NOT insert any body parts between the two upper plates!

DO NOT place any body parts between the Cutting Stamp and the Stencil!

General Comments

We recommend covering your work surface with a non-slip mat.

Be sure to unfold the support extensions before using the machine. This will provide leverage when depressing the lever.

This machine is intended to cut cane for bassoon and contrabassoon to shape. Bassoon Cane up to a length of 130 mm can be processed on the same machine, as there is an adjustable length stop.

Centering the Cane

Before shaping the cane, mark the center (or thickest point) of your gouge on the cane. We recommend doing this while the cane is in the gouging machine bed, as the arm of the cane holders can be used as a guide to find the center of the gouge.

There are two features of this machine designed to help you center the cane on the shape.

Using the Shaping Machine

Unfold the support extensions and insert the lever handle.

Check that the Cutting Stamp and Stencil are free of debris before continuing on to the next steps.

After this the leftover pieces of cane can be removed with a brush and the next piece placed in the machine.

Changing Shapes

Removing the Shape

Check that the cutting stamp and stencil are free of debris. Unscrew and remove the length stop.

Lower the cutting stamp into the stencil, loosen the screws and pins, then remove the pairing from the machine.

Be sure to keep the pair together. This is easily done with a piece of painters tape

Installing the New Shape

Check that the cutting stamp and stencil are free of debris. Beware of sharp edges.

Ensure that the cutting stamp is inside the stencil before attaching anything. Lay the parts onto the base, then insert and tighten the screws and pins.

Attach the length stop, set it to the desired length, and tighten the screw.

Transporting your Shaping Machine

Always carry the machine with two hands and only hold by the base.

DO NOT carry the machine by the lever.



事故を起こさないために、Reeds 'n Stuff の製品を使用する際は、マシーンの設置、使用、メンテナンスの際には、以下の安全に関する指示に従ってください:

Reeds 'n Stuff 製品は玩具ではありません。

Reeds 'n Stuffの製品は屋内での使用を目的としています。