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Analaog Hardness Tester

for Oboe

Analaog Hardness Tester

for Oboe

Product number: F11-14000
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precise and objective.

The quality of a reed does not only depend on the skill of the musician. The canes outward appearance can often be deceiving. As everyones knows, the key lies beneath the surface.

The hardness tester offers an objective way to judge the quality of the cane.

Quality without exception.

Consistent quality with less waste is not longer just a dream.

Für Profis mit Anspruch.

Ein Holzhärtetester ist für uns Oboisten einfach unverzichtbar. Ich habe meinen bei Reeds ‘n Stuff gefunden. Einfach genial.

Albrecht Mayer
Principal Oboe Berliner Philharmoniker
(Foto: Matt Dine)

Digital or Analog.

You can choose between analog and digital.