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Thermo Protection Cover
for Oboe, English Horn & Clarinet

Thermo Protection Cover
for Oboe, English Horn & Clarinet

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Thermo Protection for Woodwind

It protects your instrument from cracks and water in the tone holes. This new thermal protection has been transferred from the protective apparel field. This product is a unique combination of a woven material which gives to the end product its great look and a patented komanda layer (inside) which provides an outstanding thermo protection. The patented komanda layer has been develop to protect against thermal stress and enhances the moisture management. The surface has been worked in such a way that this product presents no pilling or any kind of loose fibers and as well a mechanical long term resistance to abrasion. All these advantages are now available for the special field of woodwinds. This unique layered complex will take care of a smooth thermal transfer and avoids thermic shock.

14 cm
130 g
Width at the Tip
11 cm
Total Length
59 cm
Oboe, English Horn, B-Clarinet, C-Clarinet, Es-Clarinet
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